Enescu: Impressions d’enfance (1940)

  • “Ménétrier” (The Country Fiddler)
  • “Vieux mendiant” (The Old beggar)
  • “Ruisselet au fond du jardin” (The Brook at the bottom of the garden)
  • “L’Oiseau en cage et le coucou au mur” (The Bird in the Cage and the Cuckoo on the Wall)
  • “Chanson pour bercer” (Lullaby)
  • “Grillon” (The Cricket)
  • “Lune à travers les vitres” (The Moon Shining through the Windows)
  • “Vent dans la cheminée” (Wind in the Chimney)
  • “Tempête au dehors, dans la nuit” (Storm Outside in the night)
  • “Lever de soleil” (Sunrise)

Daniel Rowland, violin

Natacha Kudritskaya, piano

Recorded live in the Stiftkerk Weerselo, Netherlands, on 24 August ’16 as part of the Stift International Music Festival